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YOU are in charge of your session or your child’s session. For therapy to be most effectived it is recommended that clients be seen consistently. Appointments will ordinarily be 50 minutes in duration, once per week at a time we agree on, although some sessions may be more or less frequent as, or longer as needed. To schedule your appointments, you will log onto the client portal to select what time works best for you and how frequent you would like to schedule your sessions.

The time scheduled for your appointment is assigned to you and you alone. Scheduling how frequent or often your counseling session will be ultimately up to you.


  • Individual Counseling: $120 per 50 minute session
    • Adult Client
    • Adolescent Client
    • Parent Consultation without Adolescent Client Present
  • Family Session: $140 per 50 minute session
    • Parent and Adolescent Client Session


I do not take insurance, but if you wish to use your out-of-network insurance, I will be happy to provide you with a “superbill.” You will submit this bill to your insurance provider and may or may not be reimbursed. I recommend that if you are seeking to be reimbursed, you first call the number on the back of your insurance card for more information.

Out-of-network arrangements, still require full payment up front at the beginning of the session.